Entrecanales Domecq e Hijos, a name that defines the new strategic direction of Grupo Bodegas Palacio 1894

8 de June de 2021

Grupo Bodegas Palacio 1894 begins a new journey as Entrecanales Domecq e Hijos. The company, which is now owned by the Entrecanales Domecq family, with Gonzalo Entrecanales as the new Chairman, reinforces its commitment to quality and excellence in winemaking, sustainability from the terroir to the bottle and further development of strategic alliances. 

Intimately involved with the wine business for over two centuries, the Entrecanales Domecq family brings an understanding and love for the art of winemaking with which they aim to imbue the company in its renewed strategic direction. Their name and direct involvement in the business is yet another sign of their willingness and sense of responsibility in the longevity of this project.

Reflecting this strong commitment, as new Chairman, Gonzalo Entrecanales assumes a key role in maintaining and respecting the company's family culture. A success that has been achieved over three generations, since his grandfather, Jose María Entrecanales, led the coming together of the different wine estates within the portfolio, including Bodegas Palacio and Bodegas Viña Mayor, and designed a vision, which today holds more importance than ever.

"With utmost respect for our wine estates’ history and my own family’s legacy, our main objective is now to focus on the consolidation and international recognition of our fine wines. Particular care will be taken in the winemaking techniques used in the development of all our wines and work on our land through what we call ‘regenerative agriculture’. Naturally, there is also the possibility of building on strategic alliances that will allow us to continue to grow. We are at the outset of an exciting journey that we take on with commitment and responsibility", states Gonzalo Entrecanales, Chairman of Entrecanales Domecq e Hijos.

A new approach that continues under the leadership of Antonio Soto, CEO of the company. Soto, who has been in charge of managing the wineries and vineyards since 2015, acknowledges that he is taking on the changes "with great enthusiasm and with the utmost confidence in the new ownership. It gives us great potential for growth and more flexibility to generate and develop opportunities with a long-term vision, both in the production of distinctive wines and in the vineyard management strategy, which until now were more limited".

Almudena Alberca MW also continues to be an essential figure for Entrecanales Domecq e Hijos,  as the company's Chief Oenologist and the first and only female Master of Wine in Spain. Alberca, together with a trusted winery team, is accountable for guaranteeing the maximum quality of the wines and the launching of innovative vineyard projects in the near future. In this new phase, she assumes greater leadership over the development of all fine wines.

Almudena Alberca, the first female Master of Wine in Spain - there are 416 Masters of Wine in the world – claims that, through winemaking excellence, great wine should be available to all. "Consumers should be able to enjoy the best wines, in any category. For this reason, we are facing this new phase with transparency and maximum care for quality, which will allow us to produce honest wines with their own personality and excellent oenological attributes. All of which, we hope, will give us greater international recognition without overlooking the importance of being able to offer wines that are accessible to all consumers".

Commitment to the consolidation of renowned brands

Excellence in winemaking, sustainability and strategic alliances. Three pillars that define the new direction of Entrecanales Domecq e Hijos at this juncture – now focused on the consolidation of its reputable brands worldwide.

With vineyards and wineries in the most prestigious Denominations of Origin in Spain, and with more than 400 hectares of vineyards, Entrecanales Domecq e Hijos shapes its identity with exceptional wines, such as Cosme Palacio and Glorioso in the D.O.Ca Rioja, Secreto and Viña Mayor in the D.O. Ribera del Duero, Caserío de Dueñas the D.O. Rueda and El Aeronauta in the D.O. Valdeorras.

Regarding the development and care of the vineyards, each estate is different and characteristic of its area. In each of them, the company finds a unique history and adapts the processes to maintain the character of each place. This results in singular vineyards, with grapes that reflect the typical characteristics of their territories.

Sustainability also lies at the heart of each of the company’s actions. Committed to its environment, the wineries were pioneers in Spain in being carbon neutral and using 100% renewable energy.

Naturally, this is consistent with a family conviction that has been present in all its activities for decades. Climate change is one of Entrecanales Domecq e Hijos’ major concerns. The impact of these changes is severely affecting wineries around the world with droughts, floods, frost and hail. To face this uncomfortable reality at a global level, Entrecanales Domecq e Hijos is implementing an ambitious regenerative viticulture project. Regenerative techniques maintain the basic principles of sustainability but aim to go a step further, by correcting and reversing the negative impact caused by human intervention on the planet to date.

In line with this, the company is also working on an ambitious Biodiversity Plan to recover the local flora and fauna in order to halt the damage that can be caused by monoculture and other less environmentally friendly practices.

Present today in more than 40 countries, the company seeks to strengthen its international presence in order to continue building brands of global renown, with a long-term vision. Likewise, Entrecanales Domecq e Hijos is working to reinforce strategic alliances with international wineries, such as the one it maintains with Domaines Barons de Rothschild - Lafite.

Finally, the company is making progress in its digital transformation, in the areas of viticulture and winemaking with the introduction of some of the most advanced technological tools for agricultural management, as well as in its relationship model with customers and consumers.  Its online channel www.bodegadirecta.es and its social networks are an essential instrument to have a direct dialogue with consumers, better understand their preferences and provide them with memorable wines and experiences that support brand building.

Entrecanales Domecq e HIjos embarks on a new phase, with eyes set on the future, to continue generating value and consolidate its position as a benchmark wine company in both Spain and the world.